Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Nasty Business" by Lisabet Sarai

Nasty Business by Lisabet Sarai, one of my favorite writers of erotica is now on sale at a number of publishers. See the links at the bottom for your favorite publisher.

I've been reading the rushes and this 78,000 word novel by my favorite dirty girl is well worth your attention. If you like well written erotica by a girl who obviously must type one-handed, put this one on your list.

If you know Lisabet, you know that someone is going to get a taste of the flogger as BDSM is always a theme that runs through her stories. Nasty Business hits all the kinks and includes some good girl-on-girl action, written as only a lezzie girl can write it.

If you watch word count, you know that 78,000 words is full novel length and a lot of smut for your money.

To check out Nasty Business, click on one of the links below:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Barnes and Noble
All Romance eBooks (ARe)
Fireborn Publishing

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  1. Thanks, Larry!

    Actually, I don't type one-handed... I do things serially.