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eStories by Larry Archer

My adult erotica eStories are available on and Amazon Kindle for virtually all types of computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and Kindle or Nook type devices. Some of my stories have been banned from Amazon for pushing the envelope too much but are always available at SmashWords. SmashWords carries Kindle formatted works and so you will not miss out if you are using a Kindle.

The versions at SmashWords and Amazon are virtually the same except for slight changes as reguired by the different websites.

If you would like to read a sample of any of the books, go to my authors page on and read the first 20% of the book to help you decide. Click here to check out my books.

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Comments from readers.

"Your writing is very erotic, and always makes my pussy soaking wet! One time, I was sitting on the bed, and reading for half an hour, and when I got up, there was a huge wet spot, the size of a pie plate!

Keep up the great writing!"