Saturday, October 25, 2014

Stripper Meets Girlfriend

Today I was reading a blog posting from one of my favorite girls, RougedMount, where she was talking about running into a lover, who was with his wife and she was with her hubby. It made me think of years ago, I had a similar circumstance.

At the time, I was dating this girl and one Saturday afternoon with nothing to do, I stopped into a private club that had just opened. I had been in there several times at night but didn't know anybody until that fateful Saturday.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Should I Tell My Neighbors and Straight Friends That I'm a Swinger?

In a word, "NO" and not No but "Hell No!"

For newbie swingers, the fact you go to parties with your spouse and have sex with other people is a real mind altering experience. Being open sexually and around other people, who feel the same, will quickly seduce you into thinking that everyone feels the same way. NOT!

Funny that America was founded on the ideas of personal and religious freedom, yet we are some of the most up tight people around. A fair percentage of American's were raised in households with strict religious guidelines, especially older people, and these people are often our bosses or neighbors.