Thursday, November 14, 2013

Swing Tips #5 How To Have A Good Time, Hints From Larry

I recently responded to another poster regarding some issues and questions she was experiencing in the party scene (swinging) and after creating the blog response, I thought this might be something other newbies to the Lifestyle might be interested in.

Below are several things for you to think about if you're sticking your toe into the pond of alternate lifestyles, swinging, wife swapping, orgies, gang bangs, facial parties, or pulling a train. Please excuse the fact that I often take a somewhat humorous slant on life, so forgive any of my inappropriate, insensitive, or stupid comments.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Why Do "Nice Girls" Dress Like Sluts at Halloween?

The eternal question, Why Do “Nice” Girls Dress Like Sluts at Halloween? And once again I pondered this interesting question on Halloween.

Do all “nice” girls have a secret slut side that they let loose one time a year? Even now with teen and pre-teen “tween” girls we see this in the costumes they wear. Dominatrix, Catholic school girl, Elvira (one of my favorites), pirate winch, belly dancer, Miley Cyrus, or just plain slut. Browse to any costume shop and most of the girl's costumes are primarily skin with a little fabric thrown in, no matter what the age group.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Amazon Publishes "Tampa", a Book About A Teacher Seducing a 14 Year-Old Student

Okay, I'm pissed when Amazon will publish and push a book that involves the seduction of a 14 year old student by his 26 year old teacher, yet my smut which only involves consenting adults is rejected as being objectional?????? Below is the description taken directly from the books description on Amazon:

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Unleash the Girls or Going Braless

The other day one of our straight friends got into a spirited discussion with us about not wearing a bra, which my wife hates. When we first started dating, my wife (girlfriend) would bitch about how uncomfortable her bra was and why did she have to wear one.